Posted by: healthsense | January 22, 2008

Essential oils to treat Scoliosis

Sounds Crazy. . .Right?  However, as always, I encourage an open mind.  Please read on. 
Modern science has looked upon scoliosis as a structural challenge to the body. Often the remedy to the challenge of aligning the spine and supporting the muscles along the spine, is an operation to insert rods in one’s back. Doctors of Chiropractic have used alignments, re-patterning, and other modalities to avoid such strong measures.

Within the last ten years, Dr. Gary Young, ND., from Young Living Research Clinic, Springville, UT. has discovered that a majority of scoliosis sufferers have a virus in the spine, causing the spine to painfully go out of alignment. After doing several thousand applications of a technique called Raindrop, he watched hundreds of patients with scoliosis, have a realignment. Today, thousands are now benefiting from this discovery and avoiding the unnecessary operations currently being used as a method of treatment.

Dr. Young’s theory after seeing the successful results, is that scoliosis is a VIRUS OR BACTERIA that lies dormant or active along the spine. These pathogens create inflammation, which contorts and disfigures the spinal column. For this reason, many people who use rods, only find later the operation did not help, for the virus was still intack within the spine. This means if the virus activates again, it takes the rods and spinal cord out of alignment together! As the virus progresses, it creates a greater disturbance to the bone and tissues.

After several months or years of suffering from this bacterial-viral invasion, the back wearies from holding the body up and the tense muscles that have suffered for the mal-adjusting to the problem, causes excruciating pain for the person. Then the patient goes on a very expensive journey to seek help with temporary alignments or rods inserted within the back or braces or even confinement.

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique is a kit put out by Young Living Essential Oils. It is heaven to the person receiving it. It is not painful, but relief giving, to the tired muscles and pain of scoliosis sufferers. It is a sequence of essential oils designed to simultaneously reduce inflammation and kill the viral agents responsible for it. Oil is dropped like raindrops down along the spine in this order:
Thymus vulgaris-thyme
Origanum campactum-oregano
Betula alleghaniensis-birch or wintergreen
Cupressus sempervirens-cypress
Metha piperita-peppermint
Ocimum basilicum-basil
Origanum majorana-marjoram
Aroma Siez
Ortho Ease
Valor oil
One does not just put them all on together. The thyme oil is dispensed, about 10 drops along the spine, with a feather motion going from the spine outward, from the bottom of the spine to the top. It is done lightly, like applying feathers. The reason for this stoke is to spark the nerve endings to awaken them in the spinal column. Tests have been used with a sonogram to see the effects of light stroking, verses heavy massage. Then the rest of the oils in the kit are put on, in a certain sequence. Massage is used at the end of the application of oils, but not at the first. Hot, moist towels are used for about 20 minutes to drive the oils into the body faster. The treatment is not only for scoliosis challenges, but for others suffering from back ailments, or even an on coming flu.

You can actually order your own kit (provided you have someone to apply it for you) at the following link



  1. Just a question…My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with scoliosis. She now has a thoracic curve of 30 degrees and a lumbar curve of 38. If I was to start the raindrops treatment how ofter do you think I should do it?
    Also another question…Do the oils only help those with a virus in the spine? And if so, what degree of patients with scoliosis do you find have this virus?

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