Posted by: healthsense | November 26, 2007

So you think the Flu shots a good idea. . .?

For those of you who think the Flu vaccine is a good idea, take a look at this. . .

Flu Shot Scam

Hilarious Video, or would be if it weren’t so true. . .

The real stats

 I bet most of you dont realize that the government statistics lump deaths from the flu and pneumonia together to exaggerate the possibility of death from the flu.  EXAMPLE: in 2002 estimated deaths were reported at over 60,000.  Out of this number, only 267 were flu-related deaths.  The majority of this number were from immune compromised individuals. 

You may be surprised to realize that there are 25 mcg of mercury per dose-FIVE TIMES the amount deemed safe by the CDC for a 110 lb person. 

Also, the introduction of the flu shot has not decreased the amount of deaths related to the flu among the elderly, which is the target group for the vaccine.

It is (as well as any vaccine) linked to alzheimers, immune dysfunction,  cancer and nerve damage.

And finally, the CDC acknowledges that only 13.4% of individuals with flu-like symptoms ACTUALLY had the flu. 

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  1. I don’t get flu shots. Never have. In my entire life (I’ll be 55 in 5 weeks), I can count on one hand, AND have fingers left over, the number of times I’ve had the flu.

    My son never had the flu, until he was 16 and allowed his school to bully him into getting one. He too has sworn to NEVER get another…..LOL

    Unfortunately, I no longer trust in our government or medical profession to know what is best for any of us. I question everything now. Unless they can provide me proof that I can’t tear apart, I don’t buy it.

    The world today seems to be going the way of the Borg in that Star Trek movie: Resistance is futile, you WILL be assimilated.

    It’s downright scary.

    By the way, nice blog you have here, mind if I link to it?

  2. Good concise info. I will be forwarding this along.

    A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine (who didn’t completely believe me on the topic) managed to get several of his coworkers to not take the flu shot, after their company nurse was dumb enough to reply by e-mail them the ingredient list…

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